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Kids Baseball & T-ball at Play it Now Sports

New to Play it Now Sports?

Let's explain how everything works

Don't let rainouts, lightning, wind, or snow cancel your sports activities. At Play it Now Sports we offer T-ball, Baseball, Soccer, Flag Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Dodgeball, Archery & Cheer indoors all year round plus Art & Dance. 8 sports, 4 different classes---5 seasons. Maximum Fun!


At Play it Now Sports we have tried to make scheduling easy for parents. We offer multiple sports, different age divisions, and different league days during the week and on weekends. Seasons for all sports are 8 weeks. To make things less complicated lets explain how all this works in an easy 3 step process.


Step 1. How old is your player?

This will determine the age division your child will play in. Age divisions at Play it Now Sports vary slightly for every sport/class. The age division for any season is determined by your child's age on the first day a new season begins. Since Play it Now Sports leagues are held year round, we use the actual age of players, and not their grade level. It is quite possible that players will switch age divisions in the middle of, or during a school year. Some age divisions and sports/classes are coed.


Step 2. What sport does your child want to play?

Play it Now Sports offers many different options. When we start a new season all 8 sports/ 4 classes are offered. Kids Leagues sports/classes and age divisions offered at Play it Now Sports:



Soccer                 $85/season 3-5, 5-7, and 7-10 yr old co-ed

Basketball            $85/season 5-7, and 8-10 yr old co-ed

Flag Football        $85/season 6-8, and 9-11 yr old co-ed

T-Ball                  $85/season 3-5 yr old co-ed (hitting off tee)

Baseball               $85/season 6-10 yr old co-ed (coach pitch)

Cheer                  $79/season 6-11 yr old co-ed 

Dodgeball            $79/season 8-10, and 11-14 yr old co-ed

Archery                $125/season 6-9, and 10-14 yr old co-ed

Volleyball             $99/season 6-8 yr old co-ed

Volleyball             $218/season 9-11, 12-14 yr old co-ed***

                           ***Volleyball for these ages are 2 days per week and                                 is called Hot Shotz Developmental Volleyball***



Art                       $99/session 6-13 yr old co-ed

Dance                  $99/session 3-16 yr old co-ed

LEGO                   $99/session 8-13 yr old co-ed 


***Please note not all sports/classes are available for every age division and day of the week. 


Step 3. When do you want to play? This is where Play it Now Sports is unlike any other facility or program. You choose the day or days of the week that work for your schedule. We post the times for every sport/class and age division before the season begins. Multiple players? Check the schedule and most likely they can play their favorite sport or take their favorite class and you only have to come one day a week. NO more guessing when and where practices and games are. At Play it Now Sports you'll have the entire schedule for all your players before you ever sign up. Nobody else can do that!


At Play it Now Sports, we offer kids leagues for multiple sports and classes. Organized teams, volunteer coaches, 5 seasons throughout the year, leagues for different days of the week, ages 3-16, incredible facility, great location, restrooms, concessions, free parking, free wi-fi, bleachers, cafe seating area, and it's all indoors. Just choose your favorite. Play it Now Sports leagues are developmental and recreational (we do keep score though), require a 1 day per week, 1 hour per week time commitment.


At Play it Now Sports we have 2 goals. Goal number one is for all your kids to play their favorite sport and have fun. You pick the day, and they all play on that day. Simple, fun, and easy. Goal number two is to also make it easy for parents. One location, great facilities, 10-15 minutes from almost anywhere in town, and easy scheduling.


For example: Let's say you have 3 kids. Your 5 year old could play soccer, your 7 year old could take an art class, and your 10 year old could play volleyball and all 3 could play on the same day at the same facility. No more running from field to field all over town. Play it Now Sports makes it simple. Play it Now Sports allows your kids to play sports without giving up every minute of family time you have.







Baseball & T-Ball at Play it Now Sports


Play it Now Sports offers T-Ball & Coach Pitch indoor baseball all year round. Our baseball program is instructional and our goal is o teach the basics and fundamentals. Seasons are 8 weeks, one day per week. The first 2 weeks are practice weeks working on skills. Then 6 weeks of game play. We keep our team sizes small so everyone gets a lot of playing time.


Depending on the time of year we usually offer at least 2 days of the week to choose from for scheduling purposes. Players will need their own gloves. All other equipment will be provided by the facility. 

 Cost is $79 per 8 week season. 

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Summer (Jun-Jul) 

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Fall (Aug-Oct) 

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Winter (Oct-Dec) 

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