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LEGO Classes at Play it Now Sports 

General Information

Play it Now Sports is excited to announce the start of LEGO Building Classes at the facility. 


Play it Now Sports has partnered with Young Bot Builders and owner Esther Lee to bring this awesome program and classes to our 8 week session blocks at the facility. So now in addition to 8 different sports we now have Dance, Art, and LEGO classes. 


Class Schedule for LEGO Classes

All LEGO Classes at 

Play it Now Sports are on hiatus until Fall 2016.

Please check out Young Bot Builders for 

their Summer Camp schedule





Ages 6-10 yr olds co-ed            5:30-6:30


Cost for the 8 week session is $99


Kids will be able to make lions ROAR, birds CHIRP and soccer players KICK. The best part is they get to learn along the way. Kids will build and program from instructions. No previous programming experience is necessary. You will be dragging and dropping icons to string together a series of instructions to trigger the animal or object to respond. Uses motion and tilt sensors. Child should be able to use a trackpad on a laptop.

Register for LEGO Classes at Play it Now Sports online by using the button above, call us at 591-6010, or stop by the facility.

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