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Our Philosophy


At Play it Now Sports our philosophy is very simple. Playing sports is fun and kids should have fun playing sports.


Our leagues are designed to be recreational and developmental. The emphasis will be on making sports fun for kids. Our leagues are not super competitive but we do keep score. After all, how can we teach kids how to be gracious winners and not be sore losers if we don't know who won the game. There are no try-outs and every player gets equal playing time. Play it Now Sports leagues are for all skill levels and begginers are welcome.

Summer Camp at Play it Now Sports

We have three children of our own, and we have also coached over 25 teams; t-ball, soccer, softball, basketball, and we have seen through personal experience how youth sports leagues work and operate both the good and the bad. We've tried to bring the best of all our experiences to Play it Now Sports. And while we will be the first to admit we don't have all the answers we will work hard to provide your children the very best sports experience possible.


One factor we have noticed over the years is that a lot of kids get burned out at an early age by their parents pushing them too hard to get "good" by being competitive. While there is nothing wrong with being competitive in sports and pushing kids to be their best, we feel that especially with younger kids (4-10 year olds), a simpler "let's have fun" approach can be beneficial. Kids at those ages are just learning motor skills (how to kick a ball, throwing, catching, shooting, etc) and the goal is for them to have fun so that when they do get a little older they still enjoy playing.


Since Play it Now Sports is an indoor facility we have advantages that other sports clubs and leagues may not be able to provide, especially with younger players. Play it Now Sports offers 7 different sports on a year round basis. Introducing kids to different sports and how to play them can be a huge benefit to their growth, enjoyment, and learning as they participate in athletics throughout their life. At Play it Now Sports another goal we have is that we would like the kids who have played here to go on to middle school and high school not only having experienced different sports but also to have developed a love of playing because it's fun.


We understand that Play it Now Sports may not be for every child and every family but we hope we can become a part of yours. We know from first hand experience that kids sports take a lot of time and energy on the part of their parents. We know that your kids will have a blast playing sports at Play it Now Sports. Now we must also take care of you (mom and dad). We pledge to make Play it Now Sports a place that parents will want to bring their kids. We hope to do that with the little things: An indoor facility (no weather issues--no cancellations), a centrally located facility--no more running around town from field to field, a relaxing place to watch the kids play, a concession stand, a nice cafe area, clean restrooms, free wireless internet access, low prices for league play, and above all else---great customer service. We look forward to seeing you and your kids at Play it Now Sports.


Thank you,

Chris and Jill Phillips

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