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The Facility

Play it Now Sports (PINS) is an indoor sports facility located in the heart of Colorado Springs. It is minutes from almost anywhere in the Springs. 


If a picture is worth a thousand words then we wanted you to see what Play it Now Sports is like. It's huge. It's amazing.

Its Play it Now Sports!


We have over 35,000 sq ft of field/court space indoors. Play it Now Sports has a soccer-flag football field and 4 basketball-volleyball courts all under one roof.


It really is that big! Come check it out for yourself. It's awesome and you'll wish you were a kid again. If you're not a kid, don't worry though, you can still play here too. 


If Play it Now Sports fields/courts are indoors, what kind of playing surfaces do you have?


This is where Play it Now Sports stands out from other facilities and leagues that offer kid's sports. For soccer, baseball, kick-ball, archery, dodgeball, and flag football we have the latest and very best generation of turf on our playing fields.


Professional and collegiate athletes would be proud to play on this quality of artificial turf and they actually do as our turf supplier is the same supplier to many Division I college football programs and many MLB and NFL stadiums. The turfed playing surfaces are very important. Soft fibers eliminate scratches and rug burns when a player falls, and because our turf is rubber filled the absorbtion factor helps prevent ankle and knee injuries. Green turf as far as the eye can see.


Our basketball/volleyball court areas also feature incredible flooring surfaces. Our court areas are NCAA volleyball rated sport court tiles. Basketball's bounce true on our floors, and although they are not hardwood floors, the absorbtion factor again helps reduce and prevent injuries, (especially if you're playing in our adult volleyball leagues).


NBA Spalding 54" tempered glass backboards and NBA style breakaway rims make playing basketball in Play it Now Sports basketball leagues a lot of fun. You'll also want to check out some of the cool colors of the tiles on our basketball floors.


Soccer, Flag Football, and Baseball field:

Field 1-- 74' x 150'

Baseball played on our big field has 60' basepaths for coach pitch and girls softball games or can be configured to 50' basepaths for T-ball games.


Volleyball/basketball courts:

4 full size volleyball tournament courts. We host girls club volleyball for our region through USA Volleyball. Courts can be easily converted to basketball as well.


All playing areas have bleachers/other seating available as well. Parents are welcome to bring their own camping style chairs too.


Play it Now Sports facility also includes a concession stand and registration/information desk. The facility has a cafe seating area for anyone to relax and enjoy their food and snacks. Parents will also enjoy the free wireless internet access in the cafe area. At Play it Now Sports, we want our families to feel welcome and at home. We always welcome any suggestions that will make Play it Now Sports even better.

History of PINS

As you can see from the photos on the right Play it Now Sports (PINS as some know it) didn't just snap into existence. Through the hard work and effort of a lot of dedicated people Play it Now Sports was born.


The orginal plans for the concept that would become Play in Now Sports began in 2009. The idea and concept for the new indoor sports facility began as a result of the struggling economy and slowdown in the founding owners, Chris & Jill Phillips, office furniture business. 


Chris & Jill and family had a decision to make--continue to operate the entire building as an office furniture store, or condense the office furniture into a smaller area and use the rest of the space for something else. 


 "I remember one of our friends suggesting that we put a basketball court in the warehouse area when we moved in", said Chris. One day in early 2009 a gentleman visiting the office furniture showroom made an interesting comment. "You know you could probably take some of these columns out and put down turf for teams to practice soccer or baseball in here."


Chris and Jill also remembered a conversation they had years earlier one evening after driving their own 3 kids all over town to soccer, basketball, and baseball practice and games. "Wouldn't it be nice if we could just do all of these sports activities on just one night in one location?" 


From all these things an idea began to take shape and the decision was made to reduce the size of the office furniture business and launch a new indoor sports facility.


The name Play it Now Sports was chosen because now kids could choose to play their favorite sport any time of the year. They could play it now, not wait until the summer, spring, or fall. 


In late 2009, a plan was put together for how everything would work at PINS. A few key partners joined Chris, Jill, and family and by spring of 2010 construction of fields, courts, restrooms and such had began. 


Play it Now Sports opened in the summer of 2010. The facility included the 2 front turf fields, a small turf field in the back and 3 volleyball/basketball courts. 


In 2011 three columns were removed, after a lot of engineering, to create the big turf field in the back of the facility.

In 2013 the small turf field in the back was replaced with another court. 


As you can see from the photos, a lot of netting had been hung,  zip ties zipped, turf layed down, equipment assembled, and as a result, the facility that many of you know today exists as

Play it Now Sports. 


So whats next? In the Fall of 2014 Play it Now Sports is growing again. We have added a huge Art studio, a Dance studio, and a special sectioned off area for our birthday parties.


With this additional buildout PINS is now offering Dance Classes, Art Classes, Fencing, and Lego Robotics classes.


More fun things to come in the future. 









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