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Play it Now Sports (PINS) Kids Leagues
How does it work?

First our kids sports are broken down into 8 week Sessions or Seasons. During the course of a calendar year we offer 5 different Seasons. 

***Exact dates vary each year

WInter II Season (Jan-Feb) ***

Spring Season (Mar-May) ***

Summer Season (Jun-Jul) ***

Fall Season (Aug-Oct) ***

Winter I Season (Oct-Dec) ***

WIthin each 8 week Season the stucture of the Season depends on the sport. Here is the breakdown:

Safari Soccer, Basketball, Flag Football, T-ball and Coach Pitch Baseball all follow a similar plan for the season. Each are 1 day per week for 1 hour. During the first 2 weeks we only work on skills (practice).

Beginning in the 3rd week then we review skills at the start of the session and then split into teams and play (games). All of these sports are teaching and instructional leagues. Most of our players are beginners to intermediate skill levels. Please see schedule for days and times available.

Storm Developmental Volleyball

Kid's Volleyball season structure varies by age group. For ages 6-8 the program is a 1 day per week program.

These ages are focused on skill development.

For ages 9-11 and 12-15 the program is 2 days per week. One practice day (you choose from 3 options) and 1 game day on Friday evenings. Each practice and game last for 90 minutes. Please check schedule.

Developmental Volleyball is for ALL skill levels.


Archery is 1 day per week for 1 hour. We provide all the equipment. Archery is designed for kids with zero to little archery experience. Learn how to shoot.

Dodge Ball is 1 day per week for the last 6 weeks of the Season. It is usually offered on Friday evening at the same time as the Developmental Volleyball games. Dodge ball can be purchased as a 6 week Season or is the only sport we offer as a drop-in.

Check the schedule and drop in on the Fridays you choose.

Other questions please call us---719-591-6010

Each Sport is priced by 8 week Season

Safari Soccer cost is $99/Season 

Basketball cost is $99/Season

Flag Football cost is $99/Season

T-Ball cost is $99/Season

Archery cost is $150/Season

Dodge Ball cost is $59/Season

Storm Volleyball ages 6-8

cost is $135/Season

Storm Volleyball ages 9-11, 12-15

cost is $239/Season

Check out Info on our kids sports programs using our slideshow     .... (Hint)  Hold your mouse over the slide to stop
Kids Volleyball

This youth volleyball program is an 8 week season for beginners to advanced volleyball players ages 6-15. Partnership between

Storm Volleyball Club and Play it Now Sports. 

6-8 yr olds......This kid's volleyball age group is a one day per week program. Instruction in all volleyball skills. Choose practice day. Cost is $135

9-11 yr olds.....& 12-15 yr olds..... These age groups are a two day per week program. All games on Friday evenings. Choose practice day. Paid coaches. Teams are chosen based on experience and skill level. All players are welcome. Great way to improve skills and prepare for Club & School teams. Includes practice shirt & loaned game jersey. Cost is $239

Storm Developmental Volleyball

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