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1. Where is Play it Now Sports? Play it Now Sports is centrally located at 5025 N Academy Blvd in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at the intersection of Academy and Union Blvd. Play it Now Sports is a 10-15 minute drive from almost anywhere in Colorado Springs. We are located in the same shopping center as Big Lots, Chipotle, and Panda Express. 


2. What does Play it Now Sports do? Play it Now Sports main business is sports leagues for kids. Play it Now Sports offers the following sports: Safari Soccer, baseball (including t-ball, flag football, basketball, volleyball (Hot Shotz Developmental Program), archery, & dodgeball. Play it Now Sports also offers adult volleyball leagues as well. Check out the Adult Volleyball page for more information. Also during non league times Play it Now Sports fields are available for rent to any teams or individuals regardless of age. Have your birthday party at Play it Now Sports too. See the Birthday Party page for details on this great opportunity.


3. What age ranges do Play it Now Sports kid's leagues accomodate? Children ages 2-15 are eligible to play in Play it Now Sports kid's leagues. Not all ages are eligible for every sport. Please check the Kids Sports page for exact ages and availability.


4. What does it cost for my kids to play in Play it Now Sports leagues? First, there are no membership fees at Play it Now Sports. Everyone is a member and the only costs are the cost of registering your kids to play in the leagues. Cost of registration varies depending on the sport.  There is also a one time registration fee for first time players. This fee is $25 per player and inlcudes a practice/game shirt. Each player will wear his/her shirt to each practice or game at Play it Now Sports.


5. What is included in the registration fee? The registration fee includes an 8 week session or season. Within that 8 week season each player's team will play 6 games (1 game per week). Each season starts with the first 2 weeks of the season being used for practice time. Not sure how it works CLICK HERE.


6. What equipment do my kids need for Play it Now Sports leagues? Soccer players will need shin guards of their own and appropriate shoes (rubber cleats or tennis shoes--pretty much any footwear that is appropriate for outdoor grass will be acceptable at Play it Now Sports). No metal cleats are allowed obviously. Baseball players for t-ball will need their own baseball glove as well as appropriate shoes (see soccer footwear). Flag football players need appropriate footwear for turf sports (see soccer), basketball and volleyball players need court or tennis shoes. Volleyball players need knee pads. Dodgeball players wear tennis shoes. All equipment is provided for the Archery program. Play it Now Sports will provide all other equipment for the leagues.


7. How many fields does Play it Now Sports have? Play it Now Sports has 1 large indoor turf field (74' x 150'). Flag Football leagues will play on the 74' x 150' field. Play it Now Sports also has 4 basketball/volleyball courts. All fields are turfed and netted and are professional grade. Yes our building is that big! You'll wish you were a kid again! 


8. Will I know before a season starts when my kids will play? Yes. At the time of registration, parents choose the sport and league day for each player. Depending on the sport (soccer, baseball, flag football, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, or archery), parents will choose which league (day of the week) their players will play in. Check the Kids Schedules page for details on what sports play on what days.  You'll know what time you play for the entire season before the season even begins.


9. What is the fee to rent a field/court at Play it Now Sports? Play it Now Sports fields/courts are available for rent to any teams looking for a warm or dry place to practice. The soccer field rents for $150 an hour. The basketball/volleyball courts rent for $40 an hour per court.


10. Who coaches the teams? Play it Now Sports (PINS) leagues are coached by PINS staff members. We also use parents to help with many of our sports. If you are interested please inquire at the desk. 


11. Are there places to watch the kids play? Yes. Each of our field/courts will have seating areas to watch the kids play. Each field/court has it's own bleachers. Limited space is available if you want to bring in your own chair.


12. Are restrooms available at the facility? Yes. Play it Now Sports facility does have restrooms. 


13. Are snacks and food available? Yes. Play it Now Sports offers a concession stand. The concession stand features beverages and simple food items. All are available at very resonable prices and if Play it Now Sports leagues are playing the concession stand is open. Also, for the comfort and convenience of our players and their parents a very nice cafe seating area is available to enjoy their snacks. Parents will also like the fact that free wireless internet is available in the cafe area.


14. What about insurance? Play it Now Sports makes every effort to reduce accidents and injuries in our sports leagues, however, we cannot eliminate every risk. By registering your players' in Play it Now Sports leagues you are acknowledging that you have read and understand this warning. Each players parents or guardian will be asked to sign an accident and injury waiver upon registration.


15. Can I bring my pet with us? Unfortunately no. Play it Now Sports facilities are not really set up to accomodate pets.


16. What payment methods are accepted? Play it Now Sports accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MC, and Discover--sorry at this time we are unable to accept AMEX). Cash and checks are also accepted. Registration fees must be paid prior to play.


17. Can my kids still play in the leagues once the season starts and registration has ended? Yes. Generally as long as space is available on a team for the sport and night you want to play. Discounts are not available for late registration but the kids can still be put a team and enjoy playing the rest of a season.


18. Do you have referees and umpires? Yes and No. Play it Now Sports leagues are for children ages 2-15 and are designed for maximum fun.  League rules will vary depending upon the age of the players.


19. Is there someone onsite that is in charge of the leagues and the facilities? Yes. Play it Now Sports will have a superintendent onsite during each league time to help with any situation that may occur.


20. Does my team need a first aid kit? No. A general first aid kit is located on site for use by any player or parent.


21. Are team trophies and pictures provided? Yes and No. The purchase of trophies, team pictures, and end of season parties will be left up to the coaches and parents of each individual team. These items are not included in the registration fee.


22. Can I sign up my player to play on his friends team? Yes. Play it Now Sports will make every effort to match players together. Of course Play it Now Sports cannot guarantee multiple players will be placed on the same team if different leagues are chosen (please see Kids Leagues page) or if space on a specific team is not available. Please let us know, we want the kids to have fun with their friends. Play it Now Sports does not accomodate team sign ups for any sport or age division.


23. Homework during the school year? Play it Now Sports recognizes that siblings of our players may need to do homework during the school year while their brother or sister are playing. This is very important to us. A homework area will be provided in the cafe seating area for anyone to use.


Frequently Asked Questions

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